Coupling rod

The new Spur-G Blog video shows our coupling rods. With the help of the coupling rods, it is possible to prevent the axles of a two-axle wagon from tilting after a tight bend:

See also actual report from Bernd Spiller in Gartenbahnprofi 6/2020

The pictures show two levers, which are connected with a coupling rod and clevises. There are no holes to be drilled, you can attach it to a screw hole on the bogie.

In the biaxial cars, there is the problem that the bogies – especially the trailing – no longer straighten alone after cornering.

The effect is that a train with two-axle wagons does not run clean straight ahead, or may even tend to problem areas for derailment.

The installation of this set solves this problem in that the trailing bogie is forcibly moved into the position that predefines the front.

How do you notice the difference?

A train with e.g. five or more biaxial cars runs silently soft through the curves and on the straights, you only hear the sounds of the metal wheels, if available.

Another advantage of installing the coupling rods is the improved sliding operation of the car, especially by curves, switch fields and gradients.

The thrust is optimally introduced due to the defined position of the bogies and forwarded to the following cars.

This happens directly and not via “diversion” over the car body.

There are 10 different sets:

Set 1

for short passenger and freight cars

with center distance of 130-135mm (here the tolerance from the manufacturer over the years of construction is a litte lagre, but Set 1 fots all)

Set 2

for freight wagons with brakeman’s platform (eg RhB cement silage wagons)

with center distance of 168mm

Set 3

for LGB® 7-door passenger cars

with center distance of 135mm

Set 4

for LGB® Toy Train

with center distance of 105mm

Set 5

for LGB® RHB container cars

with center distance of 210mm

Set 6

for LGB® 40813 freight cars and Newqida two-axle vehicles

with center distance of 185mm

Set 7

for RhB high board LGB® 40880/40883

with center distance of 206mm

Set 8

for RhB luggage cart LGB® 40840/41840

with center distance of 252mm

Set 9 – KS-9-185


with center distance of 185 mm

Set 10 – KS-10-180

for PIKO® cars

with center distance of 180 mm

Set 11 – KS-11-25K / 8K

for LGB® double car 35094


(replaces the previous R sets)

In this set, the coupling rod is “lowered” to allow the installation of rail cleaners or battery boxes.

In addition to the adapters, two additional M2 nuts and slotted screws are included

Each set consists of:

  • 2 levers
  • 2 clevises
  • 2 locknuts
  • 2-4 screws
  • 1 coupling rod

Mounting with existing LGB® 63193 sliding contacts is not possible, these should then be replaced by the LGB® 67403 ball bearing gear set.

If we aroused your interest, please contact us via email or via our new order form.

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