Overhead bridges in every length and width

After the success of our beam bridges now also as Oberzugbrücke. The design is created project-related in the required length and width for the customer. Railing possible on one or both sides as an option. Pitch 10 cm. Material: Hard PVC gray, blasted and recoatable.


Text: For the Tank Truck of the 4040 series, there is now the sticker “Danger to life”, which must be affixed to the top of the stage and was often simply not cut out of the enclosed sticker sheet.
For completion we offer the sticker set as a pair for 2.- Euro.

Passenger Cars:

Text: For the standard 4-door passenger cars, we offer an advertising label. Especially good are the cars of the anniversary train without raised LGB® lettering on the side.
Sticker set “IB-BB” for 5 Euro Create your own web labeling for 10 .- Euro per car (we need your company logo or pictures) Please note possibly image rights or copyright protection.

If we aroused your interest, please contact us via email.