Bobby car

At the Griesheimer Gartenbahntreffen 2015 I saw for the first time a miniature bobby car, which was attached to a moving train behind.

You can see a video from the bobby car here:

Although not actually to scale or in any way meaningful, it perhaps just because of that a certain fascination for me, especially since the bobby car is indeed one of the key products of the new Märklin-LGB® owner. According to unconfirmed sources, Florian Sieber is said to have been personally impressed by the small vehicle. Of course the kids were excited too. Upon request, Peter Böhmer turned out to be the owner and author of the editors of Gartenbahn magazine Volldampf. The corresponding construction report can be found in issue 4/2015 of the magazine. My intention was to produce a conversion kit with a modified base plate, which allows the customer to use standard axes without having to modify them.

The result was 2 different floor panels, one for the use of the LGB® metal wheelset small 67343, the other based on the LGB® field track plastic axles. These plastic axles are slightly smaller in diameter, which, depending on the taste, may be better suited to the geometry of the Bobbycar. Unfortunately, I have not discovered them yet in the accessory trade, but should be found in some crafting box, in any case, if you have ever converted a field railway car on metal axles. On the other hand give the metal axles the vehicle more dead weight and possibly driving and operational safety.

The company Elita offers in their “That’s life assortment” a motorcyclist “Rocker”, as well as the matching “Rockerbraut”, painted and unpainted. However, you still have to heat these carefully with a hot air blower according to the rebuilding report of Peter Böhmer and adapt them to the seat of the Bobbycars. Finally, you only need the drawbar with which the vehicle is attached at the end of the train.
There are the following options:

Set 1: Base plate for plastic (BC-KA) or metal axles (BC-MA), screws and pull rod for 10.-Euro

Set 2: Base plate of your choice (BC-KA), (BC-MA), plus Bobbycar (BC-RED, BC-SW, BC-PINK) of your choice, screws and drawbar 20.- Euro

Set 3: Bottom plate of your choice (BC-KA), (BC-MA), plus modified figure UNBLEACH (BC-M, BC-W) of your choice, plus Bobbycar (BC-RED, BC-SW, BC-PINK) after Choice, screws and drawbar 27.- Euro
Surcharge alternatively “Rockerbraut” painted. 3.-

Set 4: Bobbycar kpl (BC-KPL) of your choice, modified figure “Rocker” UNPROTECTED, with metal axles and drawbar 62.- Euro

Surcharge alternatively “Rockerbraut” painted. 3.-

Set 5: Bobbycar kpl (BC-KPL) of your choice, modified figure “Rocker” UNPROTECTED, with PLASTIC PANELS and drawbar 56.- Euro

Surcharge alternatively “Rockerbraut” painted. 3.-

! UPDATE 10.12.15: Unfortunately, there is the figure “Rocker” just more UNPACKED. , Rockerbraut available in limited quantities until further painted
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Remaining stocks of painted woman still in stock !!

!! All detailed prices in the price list under Download, with special requests:

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Conversion instructions see Volldampf 4/2015

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