Truss Bridges

The bridges can be:

  • straight
  • curve with a defined radius (mm)
  • a combination of straight and curvesius

in theoretically any length in pitch 10 cm are produced.
Radius 775mm (LGB® R2) is currently available. Further radii can be produced on request.
Pitch is always 10 cm, starting at 20 cm to any length.
In practice (straight line as well as curve), a length of 6 segments with start and end (= 70 cm) has proved to be statically as well as optically.

The material used is PVC gray in 2 and 4mm thickness, all parts are cnc milled and glass bead blasted. This matt surface looks very good and is ideal for painting, but looks unpainted very realistic. As a surface coating, plastic primer has proven itself and is available in DIY stores or through us.

The construction time for an element of 70 cm is about one hour.
As in reality, every building should be adapted to the relevant environmental conditions. This is especially true for route engineering structures such as tunnels and of course for bridges.

That’s why we offer the service to plan each bridge individually and manufacture it as a kit.

The pillars are the LGB® pillars, for which we can also offer deck and floor slabs.
The special thing about our bridges, however, is that a radius of up to 4% can be realized within the radius. Thus, route increases can be realized for the first time within a bridge construction.

These properties of our bridges are under the German Patent Office in Munich under utility model no. 20 2012 009 238.3. registered and protected. A detailed, illustrated construction manual is included with each kit.

If they are not already present by the customer, it is advisable to purchase.
If we aroused your interest, please contact us via email.

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