Circuit electronics

For switches and signals
e.g. for switches in reverse loops.
Replaces the LGB® 17100 technology.

  • Improved reed contacts in the track
  • Control function by LED
  • DC power supply
  • Easier wiring

The picture shows the finished product, but it can also be delivered as a self-soldering kit. The scope of delivery includes the two reed contacts as well as all necessary components. We recommend as a power source a commercially available laptop charger with 19-24 V DC with about 4 amps (available in online shopping portals).

The 3 LEDs are used to monitor the power supply and to switch the reed contacts. All you have to do is connect the EPL drive (with LGB® R) and the DC power supply. An EPL drive consumes about 800 mA in the hold state.

Function of the switching electronics SE-BS / SE-FG:

The electronics always switch the turnout turnout by pressing the reed contact 1 with a magnet attached to the locomotive in the same direction.

The incoming train thus sets the switch to the right (also possible on the left) and traverses the reverse loop in the example shown in the counterclockwise direction.

If he drives out of the reverse loop, the reed contact 2 returns the switch back in the other direction.


  • Reversing loops are always passed in the same direction
  • A “slicing” of the switches is avoided
  • Low cabling, stable and weatherproof reed contacts in the track
  • The following can be checked on the light-emitting diodes: The following can be checked on the light-emitting diodes:
    • Supply voltage with correct polarity
    • Reed contacts and point machine switch drive

When planning, please notice the following:
The distances “Reed 1 to switch” and “Switch to Reed 2” must each be greater than the maximum train length!

The DC voltage in the range of 18V to 24V with at least 1A per drive, as well as a reverse loop electronics for reversing the track, must be provided by the customer. (Do not use any track or digital voltage, if necessary use a standard laptop (19V) or plug adapter (24V))

If you are interested, please contact us via email.

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